Professional Electrical Services

B J Electrical Service is your complete electrical contractor serving Manatee and Sarasota Counties. Based in Bradenton we offer the following services:

Why hire a licensed contractor?

Everyone has an uncle (fishing buddy, neighbor, etc.) who can fix your wiring, however there is good reason to hire a professional.

There are principals involved in wiring and electricity which must be understood and applied to created a safe system.

Basic safety concerns, as in not getting shocked or burning your house down, are often overlooked because unsafe wiring practices are used by untrained persons.

The simple truth is, just because the light comes on doesn't mean it works safely and properly.

It's true a licensed electrician costs a bit more, but he pays for continuing education, licensing, worker's compensation and liability insurance.

The National Electrical Code is written by the National Fire Prevention Association. It should be followed.

Let B J Electrical Service do it right and guarantee the work.

Protect Your Family

Have you recently checked:

  • smoke detectors?
  • GFCI receptacles?
  • outdoor receptacle covers?
  • extension cords?
  • blowing breakers / fuses?
  • broken receptacles / switches?

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Do you need a generator?

Are you concerned about losing power during or following a hurricane or tropical storm?

Would you like to know more about standby generators for your home or business?

You may find that an emergency power source is practical and affordable. The key is purchasing the right size unit for your needs.

Let us walk you through the process.

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