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One thing we would all like to have is more time. It seems that maintenance often gets put off until something bad happens. Take a few minutes today and check the items on this page for your own peace of mind. You can prevent a major emergency with just a few minutes well spent.

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Most troubleshooting problems can be diagnosed within the first hour. We have been serving the Manatee and Sarasota communities for over 25 years. Call BJ Electrical Service at 941-761-7601 for service and/or replacement of these common electrical items.

Smoke Detectors
Smoke Detectors
Smoke Detectors can save your life in the event of a fire. Test them monthly. Change the batteries each year. Hard-wired smokes with battery backup are ideal. You should have smoke detectors on each level of your home, inside and outside sleeping areas.
GFCI Receptacles
GFCI Receptacles are also called "people protectors." They should be installed outdoors, in garages, unfinished basements, bathrooms, kitchen countertops, and anywhere within six feet from a sink. GFCIs detect dangerous current going outside the electrical circuit (like through you). Use the test/ reset buttons monthly. If they don't work you're not protected! Warning!!! Older GFCIs may continue to supply electricity even when the protection is gone. Replace them with newer, safer GFCIs.
Outdoor receptacle covers
Outdoor receptacle covers keep water and debris out of your receptacles. Broken covers should be replaced immediately. Receptacles without significant roof cover (like a porch) should have In-Use covers installed. These covers allow for an outdoor appliance to be plugged in with the cover closed and thus the cord and receptacle are protected from rain.
Switches, Cords, Breakers/Fuses
Broken switches can lead to electrical fires. Do not delay getting them replaced by a qualified electrician. Be safe.
Extension cords are designed for temporary use only. Beware of using them for permanent applications. Some common misuses are outdoor lighting, refrigerators in the garage, and anywhere else the cord could be damaged or be a tripping hazard. Get it done right.
Blowing Breakers or Fuses is usually a sign it is time to call an electrician. The worst thing one can do is replace the fuse or breaker with a larger size. This is against the electrical code because it is extremely dangerous! A tripping circuit is generally either too much load on the circuit or a short circuit. Either way, time to call BJ Electrical Service at 941-761-7601.