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Jeremy Jones, Electrician since 1992
Jeremy Jones, Owner

Electrician since 1992

941-761-7601 | office

941-713-9522 | cell

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Tomas Meszaros, Electrician since 2010
Tomas Meszaros
Electrician since 2010
Martin Velazquez, Electrician since 1984
Martin Velazquez
Electrician since 1984

what you can expect

Our 5-star* electrical team is composed of hard-working, honest, decent, family-men.

They respect our clients as well as their property and leave behind a neat and tidy work area when they are finished.

You'll get the quality electrical service you are promised because they are very good electricians and also men of their word.

Experience the difference, call 941-761-7601.

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